About Us

I’m Brooke Ciali. I am the proud owner of Statements Boutique in Madison, NJ, where I get to live out my childhood dream every day. From a young age, I understood the power of self-expression through fashion.

In 2008, I became the owner of Statements Boutique, operating at 57 Main Street for 9 years. In 2017, I moved across the street to 42 Main Street, quadrupling the size! I am so lucky to do what I love each day.

Style is a woman’s way of living out loud. There are no compartments we’re forced to fit into, and it’s always changing. Fashion is our opportunity to put energy into ourselves and feel good because we all deserve to.

As we’re endlessly creating ourselves, I believe the experience itself should be just as exciting. I pride myself in making the most of the shopping experience, creating a fun, stress-free and homey environment. Whether it’s through in-store shopping appointments or drop-in, I love spending the time getting to know you and weaving your personality into your style.

I like to stay ahead of the trends and curate a unique, cutting edge assortment fit for any situation. Statements is constantly receiving new shipments, so I always have the latest in clothing, jewelry, accessories, and handbags.

Come find me at 42 Main. And remember, always accessorize!

XO, -B